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CALL NOW : +91 7299 48 6666

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Foxin FPS-500S 200 Watt 12 Volt SMPS with 20+4 Pin Connector

  • Stable Power Output: Uses a Switching Regulator to control and stabilize the output voltage by switching the load current on and off.
  • Low Noise & Power Efficient: Significant design improvements have been made that generates very low noise. Also these power supplies offer a greater power conversion and reduce the overall power loss.
  • Multiple Protection System: Equipped with reliable circuitry that provides multiple protection against Overloading, Current and Voltage surges in power system occuring due to sudden lightning impulses and switching impulses of the system.
  • High Quality Components and Circuitry: The SMPS with high-quality components uses semiconductor switching techniques, rather than standard linear methods to provide the required output voltage.
  • Optimal Performance and Reliability: The efficient SMPS uses solid-state switches to convert an unregulated DC input voltage to a regulated and smooth DC output voltage at different voltage levels, thus offering optimal performance and reliablity.


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