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Smarteefi 16A WiFi Smart Switch, Compatible with Alexa, White

  • This is single output 16 WiFi Smart Switch designed for HEAVY POWER appliances (Ac, Geyser, Heater, Water Motor Pump, Washing Machine). It fits in to Anchor ROMA and Smarteefi Modular Switch Board Panels and takes space of 2 ordinary switches. It allows you to turn ON/Off your appliances from AMAZON ALEXA, GOOGLE ASSISTANT and SMARTEEFI APP
  • Manual override switch allows you to control your appliances manually. It can be configured to restore last state/ Always-On/ Always-Off on Power-Cut/Power-Resume scenarios.
  • Weekly and Daily Scheduling Facility allows you to turn ON/OFF your appliance automatically at scheduled time. For example if water supply comes at 5AM you don’t need to wake up at 5AM, it can be started automatically at 5AM and stop let’s say 5.30 AM.
  • Apart from scheduling facility it also provides COUNTDOWN TIMER. Instead of selected scheduled time suppose you want to start your motor only for 30 minutes, it will automatically turn off motor after 30 minutes. Even if power cut happens it will not start the motor if it was started using COUNTDOWN TIMER.
  • It provides notification Facility (when you are away, you can get notification if someone is switching ON/OFF your appliances at your home). All family members can control with their respective mobile phone using same login credentials.


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