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Smarteefi 2 Port WiFi Smart Switch, Compatible with Alexa, White

  • This is WiFi enabled Smart Switch with 2 outputs whereas EACH OUTPUT CAN BE CONTROLLED AND PROGRAMMED/SCHEDULED INDEPENDENTLY. It fits in to Anchor ROMA and Smarteefi Modular Switch Board Panels and takes space of 2 ordinary switches. It allows you to turn ON/Off your appliances from AMAZON ALEXA, GOOGLE ASSISTANT and SMARTEEFI APP. Alexa and Google Assistant also recognizes each output independently.
  • MANUAL override switch allows you to control your appliances manually. It also allows you to lock/unlock manual control. It can be configured to restore last state/ Always-On/ Always-Off on Power-Cut/Power-Resume scenarios
  • Weekly and Daily Scheduling Facility allows you to save energy bills by automating ON/OFF conditions at specified time. Its scheduling facility is designed for Indian scenarios. After power-cut and power resume it executes any missed schedule (during power cut) once it is connected to internet after power resume
  • You can connect smart switch to existing plug socket making it a smart socket. Apart from scheduling facility it also provides COUNTDOWN TIMER. Instead of selected scheduled time suppose you want to charge your mobile phone anytime with specified time duration (say 1 hour), you can start count down timer for 1 hour on the smart socket connected with the switch. It will switch-off charging after 1 hour. You can avoid overcharging and increase battery life of your phone/laptop etc


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